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Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure. The procedure is performed by a specially-trained professional who deposits pigment (superficially) in the upper region of the dermis (skin) using a pen-like tool to create an extremely realistic 3-D look to enhance existing hair or add to areas that are lacking it. It is ideal for anyone who wants fuller, thicker, more beautiful eyebrows without the low quality look that typically comes with eyebrow cosmetics.  Now there is finally a solution to obtain the look that you've always wanted! Microblading can also be a great help to individuals with alopecia, or those who are post chemotherapy, postnatal, or suffering from stress, depression, or thyroid issues leading to loss or thinning of brows.

Each session lasts approximately 3-4 hours. The entire Microblading process is $449 with Master Artist Shaena or $349 with Lauren (a $50 deposit is required in advance), which includes the initial procedure along with the essential follow-up procedure within 6-8 weeks from the original Microblading session. Clients that will need corrective work done from a previous procedure or tattoo will need to have their session completed by Shaena. You can expect results to last one and a half to three years.  If an additional procedure is needed within 6 months of the initial procedure (due to skin type or after-care conflicts) it is performed at a discounted rate of half the current price.  If the free follow-up procedure is not performed within 3 months of the initial procedure, it will be billed at half of the current rate.  It is advised to have an annual enhancement to keep your brows looking as beautiful as possible

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Nano brows are similar to microblading, but are created using different equipment to achieve the same beautiful, thicker, fuller eyebrows. The procedure is an excellent alternative for individuals with oily skin, aging skin or with skin that is less tolerant of the microblading procedure. This technique uses a machine to implant the pigment slightly deeper, giving it a lengthier retention in the dermis. It has a longer lifespan of 2-6 years, dependent on aftercare and skin type. There are multiple options as well, including Nano Strokes, Powder Brow and Hybrid Brow (combination of strokes and powder).

The process typically takes 3-4 hours and requires a follow-up procedure 6-8 weeks later, which is included in the initial price. The cost is $599 with Master Artist Shaena or $499 with Lauren, and requires a $50 deposit in advance to book the procedure. 

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Henna brows are a great alternative for those who would like a shorter term option to get the appearance of fuller, thicker eyebrows. It is also a great option for those who would like to see the results of an eyebrow enhancement before going with a longer term service.

The process take about an hour and a half to complete. The cost is $80. This procedure retains pigment in the skin for approximately 2 weeks, and pigment in the hair for approximately 6 weeks. It may be refreshed as often as you like.



Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a fantastic option to restore hair loss on the scalp, restore receding hairlines or camouflage scarring on the scalp from trauma or previous hair restoration procedures. The process replicates the appearance of healthy hair follicles by depositing pigment into the scalp using microneedles and specialized equipment. The result creates a natural looking, virtually undetectable alternative to invasive procedures for hair restoration. The procedure is a confidence boosting, life changing event.

Sessions for SMP will typically last 3-4 hours.  Most clients will require 3 sessions to achieve optimal results.  The cost varies depending on hair type, skin type, extent of hair loss or size of the scar.  A free consultation is required to determine what is needed as well as a quote for the cost.  A $50 deposit is required to reserve an appointment for the SMP procedure.  Results last a number of years and are able to be enhanced back to a strong color after pigment begins to fade over time.



The results produced from these eyeliner procedures are absolutely stunning! The two styles available are eyelash line enhancement and smoky eyeliner. The eyelash line enhancement creates the illusion of fuller, darker and thicker lashes. The smoky eyeliner is a beautiful, natural looking eyeliner. When adding definition to the eyes, it can give the appearance of larger, more awake eyes and add youthfulness back to your face!

The process typically takes approximately 2 hours. The cost for top and bottom eyeliner is $399, just the top $299 and just the bottom $199. This price includes the essential touch-up procedure 8 weeks after the initial procedure. Results lasts in a range from 2-6 years and are highly dependent on skin type and aftercare.

Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner

Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner

Smoky Eyeliner

Smoky Eyeliner



This is an incredible semi-permanent procedure that creates a sheer, blush color to your lips. The results will look like the natural color of your lips has been subtly enhanced, creating an fresh, healthier appearance. The end result can make a truly amazing change to the natural beauty of your face!

The initial procedure can take up to 4 hours. The cost is $449, which includes an essential touch-up procedure 8-12 weeks after the initial procedure. Results can be expected to last 1-3 years, depending on the person’s skin type. After this period, an enhancement may be performed to refresh the color.



Creating a luscious curl to your lashes can do WONDERS for their appearance. A keratin lash lift can make your lashes appear longer, bolder and more beautiful! The procedure requires very little aftercare and keeps your lashes looking amazing. The results enhance the natural beauty of your existing eyelashes. It is a great time saver for your mornings and eliminates the need for daily maintenance such as eyelash curlers. This service strengthens and fortifies the lashes themselves, leaving you with healthier, fuller lashes in addition to the beautiful lift and curl! Keratin is a protein composed of amino acids that strengthens and fills gaps in your hair follicles. It’s what hair is actually made of!

This procedure takes approximately one and a half hours to complete. The cost is $110, making it only $30 more than the Lash Perm service. Results can be expected to last 8-12 weeks, and can be reapplied as often as needed.



Have you always thought freckles are cute? Now you can have them too! Cosmetic freckles are a semi-permanent procedure that can give you the cute sun-kissed look that everyone loves. The process is similar to tattooing and can range from a modest few freckles to entire face full!

The cosmetic freckles process is typically completed within one to two hours depending on the amount and density of freckles desired.  The pigment can be implanted at different depths to create shorter or longer results, lasting from 6 months to 10 years.  The client's skin type and aftercare are a big factors that affect how long the pigment is retained.  The cost is $199 for a session.  An annual touch up is recommended to keep freckles looking fresh.



Sometimes previous work needs changed, or just plain erased. Pigment removal allows for previous tattoo work (both cosmetic and traditional) to be lightened and faded out. This is an excellent option for someone wanting to alter existing work into something that looks more visually pleasing, as the process will lighten the pigment already in the skin to a point that a cover up or alteration is much more realistic and successful. The process can also remove previous tattoos as well. The results of this will depend on the type and depth of ink used in the existing tattoo. Most will fade to a point of no longer being noticeable, some will result in almost a complete removal.

Each session duration and price will vary based on the surface area of the work being removed. Multiple sessions will be needed to remove the existing tattoo, which will be determined by the depth and type of ink used. Clients will need to wait at least 8 weeks between sessions to allow for proper healing.



Already had a permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure done in the past and now the color is off?  We can correct it!  The color correction service offers a way to lighten and alter the hue of an existing tattoo to a point where Microblading can be done in its place.  Multiple color correction procedures will likely need to be performed prior to the Microblading procedure, the amount will depend on the condition and darkness of the tattoo.  Each session runs approximately 2 hours and is $199.

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