Litwin Cosmetic Solutions

Located in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana, Litwin Cosmetic Solutions offers premium services designed to help people achieve the look they've always wanted. Each and every person has their own unique appearance and is deserving of exceptional results.


Extraordinary Service

Every client is entitled to an amazing experience, every time. Modern techniques are used to create the most realistic, successful results possible. Extensive continuing education ensures that all services provided are completed with the most efficient, up to date methods possible. This, combined with a genuinely friendly atmosphere, creates a truly remarkable experience.

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Started in 2016, Litwin Cosmetic Solutions operates out of Bloomington, Indiana and services clients from near and far. We are happy to accommodate clients from a significant distance away and will work to make your visit as convenient as possible.


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Bloomington, Indiana


We are located in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana. Visit us at 3901 E Hagan St, Suite A.